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Over the duration of the course we ensure you have all the knowledge and understanding required to become a fully capable and confident hypnotherapy practitioner.

The study materials for the course have been prepared and selected by Senior Lecturer, Sophie Douglas and include all the information required to complete an informative portfolio.

At SDHT we pride ourselves on not only teaching you the history and theory of hypnotherapy but also getting you out practising throughout. This ensures that by graduation, you are a very competent and confident hypnotherapist.

We do not require students to have prior experience as SDHT ensure the course is full and covers all areas of hypnotherapy.

Classroom tuition is restricted to small groups to ensure every students gets the personal tuition they require.

We will cover:

  • Hypnosis – The history and now

  • Erickson, Kim Berg, De Shaazer

  • CBT, NLP and SFBT.

  • Origins of psychology.

  • misconceptions of hypnotherapy

  • How the mind work

  • Neuroscience

  • Trance

  • How to use hypnotherapy to help with mental health problems

  • How to use hypnotherapy to help with phobias, fears etc.

  • Language patterns.

  • Confidently using techniques e.g. swish

  • Pain management

  • Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

  • Substance abuse.

  • OCD

  • Traumatic stress

  • Personality groups

  • Inductions, deepeners, metaphors

  • Weight management

  • Marketing


Students Taking Note
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