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become a Hypnotherapist


SDHT ensures our training programme covers all areas that the new National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Hypnotherapy requires.


Our diploma is accredited as Level 5 by the ACCPH as well as being recognised as a Practitioner Level Diploma with the GHSC and by the APHP

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Here at SDHT our course is 10 weekends of in class training adding up to 120 hours. Further home study will be expected adding up to 450 hours. This ensures diploma level will be reached.

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SDHT is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers.

2021 Dates

2022 Dates

3/4 July
7/8 August
11/12 September
2/3 October
6/7 November
4/5 December
8/9 January
5/6 February
5/6 March
2/3 April
11/12 June
9/10 July
13/14 August
10/11 September
8/9 October
12/13 November
10/11 December
14/15 January
11/12 February
11/12 March - Graduation
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